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Mr. B's Booklists

Looking for some good books?  Be sure to look at the downloadable, printable rhyming booklist on the right.  Below are links to booklists  that are "teacher tested" and "librarian approved!"

Multicultural Books.  America is increasingly becoming a diverse place. Book publishers are coming to understand the value of supporting families with diverse picture books. Click HERE for more.

Books: Babies.  Babies are fascinated by books featuring infants, baby animals, and facial expressions.  Click HERE for more.

Books: Talkers.  Talkers (ages 2-3) love to look at books with simple, uncluttered pictures, though they can handle more detail than babies (ages 0-2). Click HERE for more.

Books: Pre-Readers.  Four-year-olds can understand longer and more complicated picture books. They enjoy books about familiar situations, but are also interested in different kinds of families and cultures. Click HERE for more.

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