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Print Awareness

The printed word is all around us - this is something children need to see. Give babies board books to handle, part of print awareness is being comfortable with books. Babies will put things in their mouth, so keep some books that are no longer needed and let your baby have them.

As baby gets older, be sure to point to the words in a book too - use your finger to follow sentences. Help them see that we read from left to right, from top to bottom, and from the front of a book to the back. Don't forget to let your child turn the pages sometimes too.

Point out signs to children - in the grocery store, in parks, anyplace you go. Make lists with children. A shopping list is a great activity to share - be sure to say each item as you write it down. Remember, the child does not need to understand each work on your list, only that each word they hear can be written down too.

A good way to start is by always showing children the front cover of a book and running your finger along the words as you announce the title, author, and illustrator. Do this with phrases that repeat in the book too. Check to see if children are learning how to handle a book, pick one up wrong (upside down or from the back cover) and ask, "is this the right way to hold a book?"

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