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Print Motivation

Developing interest and enjoyment of books is important - make this easy to do by finding books to share with children that you enjoy. Read in a way that demonstrates that you love books, the story being shared, and the time you spend with your child. A cheerful voice is important.

Don't read to children when you are in a bad mood. Remember, a few minutes of fun with a book is much more important than a reading session that is tense or stressful. If the child is not ready for story time or does not seem to be enjoying a book, that's OK.

You can always read more together later. Don't count how much time you spend reading books, just make sure it is something you share regularly in a positive environment.

Find a comfortable place to share and hold little children. Letting a small child rest their head against your chest creates a bond and they hear the deep resonance of your voice. And don't keep all the fun to yourself - get your child involved - see what they have to say while you read.

Nonfiction books are probably best - they feature colorful pictures and powerful images. They also encourage a childe to use their imagination. Who doesn't love a good picture book? A good story encourages a child to think about "what happens next" - an important motivator.

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